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TV/Radio spots
Various spots and cues for TV and radio.
Techno, Rock, and Fusion styles

Tech Bits (942 Kb)
Unity (1 Mb)
Road Theme (1.33 Mb)

Bear's Tires
TV & Radio commercial song. Happy cars sing a song about new tires.
Brodway style

Sound (1Mb)

Golden Mayonnaise Lady
A cheerful song of a housewife who praises Golden Mayonaise (tm) that helps her to cook appetizing dishes. The song was written as a part of major brand promo campaign and was successfully used for a few years in TV and radio commercials going throuhg many iterations and variations.

Sound only (483Kb)

TKA Travel - Rythms of Adventure
A jingle for a travel agency.
Acapella, World music themed.

Sound (480Kb)

Actis - Stay on Top
Soundtrack for a major IT consulting company online promotional presentation.
Progressive rock.

Sound (1Mb)

Gulliver Ice Cream
TV commercial of an ice cream brand.
Children music.



Why Dads Get a Larger Drink...
TV commercial of the Karachi mineral water.
Humor, situational, awkward.


Kangaroos Connected
TV commercial for telecommunication company SoTel.
Cartoon style sound track.

Sotel (3.2Mb)

Total Blind
Keyboards and sound recording for the album Total Blind by QWERT Released in October, 1999. Argus Music, © 1999
Producer - Alexander Shabrin (Argus Music)
Rock music.

Sound (677Kb)

Magic Outrage
Film scoring for the short movie Magic Outrage. This mystical drama was screened after A. Green's story. Orchestral music, drama.

Witch's Kiss (2.1Mb)


The Granite has been chewed over...
Arrangements, sound recording and mastering of CD that represents the best musical parodies from the popular Russian comic TV show KVN.
Situational comedy, humor, parody.

Weird Manners (4.6Mb)

Optimistic March (3.7Mb)

Soundtrack for a TV commercial of Venac soft drinks trade mark.
Old Russian folk music style.

Venec (5.2Mb)

The Traveller
Travel agency commercial.
Smooth jazz.



Let Rainbow in Your Home
TV commercial for the home improvement retail chain.
Light popular music, catchy jingle.



Toys For All Ages
Soundtrack for toys retail chain commercial.
Whimsical, funny.