Petrov's Multimedia features Julia Petrov - an experienced composer, arranger and sound producer with proven track record in broadcast and advertising. Julia received an outstanding European music education and has been playing music since 6 years old. She writes and arranges in a wide range of musical styles including but not limited to classic orchestral, pastoral, baroque, contemporary fusion, smooth jazz/rock, minimalistic, modern electronic and techno, etc.
Julia enjoys writing music for commercials, films as well as for independent bands and performers. She is open for any creative colaboration that involves composing or producing musical material.

We have fully equipped studio to produce final broadcast quality sound tracks. Sound recording and processing is done using high definition audio equipment in 24-bit/96 KHz resolution and can be mastered to most of known digital media formats.

Petrov's Multimedia also provides services in animation production featuring talented and experienced artists working in cartoon, 3D graphics, and online interactive media authoring.